Walcha's Historic Buildings

Walcha was settled in the early 1800's and has many impressive old building and country homesteads.

There are many interesting buildings well worth inspection. These include the banks and public buildings such as the Court House and Post Office, all in Derby Street.

Typical country hotels are exemplified by the Commercial, New Royal, Apsley and New England. The Walcha Ex-Services Memorial Club has been remodelled from a former bank building.

The three churches all have a history dating back more than a century. The first Catholic Chapel in Walcha was erected in 1854. The first Presbyterian church was built during 1857 and was a small wooden building. It was replaced by the present church, which was opened on 5th May, 1888. The stone built Anglican Church was erected in 1862.

One kilometre south from the John Oxley Cairn in Derby Street is the Historic homestead of "Langford". This was the campsite of John Oxley in 1818. "Langford" is not available for inspection but may be viewed from the road.

A most charming building is Fenwicke House just over the Apsley River Bridge, travelling east in Fitzroy Street, in which a bed and breakfast has been established in the 19th century terrace house.

The Pioneer Cottage where the Tiger Moth aeroplane, first used in aerial agriculture, is on display, is a must on any visit to Walcha.